In your city, there are likely thousands of unrealized connections— connections to people whom, given the opportunity, you would get along with brilliantly— as predicted by mutual interest, taste, values, etc. These are potentially life-long friends you may never meet, despite years of physical proximity.

The issue here is lack of exposure. If you were exposed to any of these people for just long enough to discover that which you share, it should effortlessly progress into meaningful connection. This exposure may only occur via an interest-specific Schelling point, or by pure serendipity. For every connection made, there are thousands that will go unrealized.

Kenalo is a simple social utility designed to produce this exposure where it otherwise wouldn't occur. This is achieved by allowing users to selectively and publicly surface information about themselves, including:

  1. Branch points— one's key interests, aspects of identity, etc. that best predict compatibility when shared by others (e.g., French literature, bouldering, Grateful Dead, effective altruism, and Thomas Sowell)
  2. Type of connection interest (social, dating, and professional)
  3. Location


Can't I do this with Facebook or something?

  • Those who choose to make themselves discoverable on Kenalo implicitly signal interest in meeting new people. This is an extremely useful yet rarely available signal.
  • Alternatives lack either technical implementation, or cultural adoption of an equivalent to Kenalo's concept of branch points / identity tags.

Why this format?

  • While thinking about the problem of unrealized connections, I found myself wishing for a database of similarly-minded & socially-inclined people around me (surely, there are thousands!), that I could search and filter at leisure.
  • While some apps take a Tinder-style swipe approach, I felt that to be remarkably inefficient. Why not just give people the data, and let them approach how they like?
  • Kenalo is designed with flexibility in mind, to allow for creative signaling and usage styles.

Who is this for?

  • This is for those who are interested in meeting similarly-minded people— whether for social, professional, or dating-related reasons.

Why can't I send DMs directly from Kenalo?

  • Most people don't want to integrate a one-off app into their social "stack." Kenalo leverages your existing social media DMs.
  • The ultra low-profile approach makes it possible to simply make an account and go passive, while remaining available for discovery by others.

Privacy Policy

Kenalo only stores data provided voluntarily by you: specifically, these are name, location, and social media handles. Data is neither processed nor shared with any third parties. This data is stored exclusively for the purpose of displaying in search results, for other users. All data can be easily and permanently deleted at your request, by simply logging in, navigating to the 'Settings' tab, and clicking 'Delete my account'.